Thursday, September 10, 2015

Depression and law school


Lift the depression off of me.  I cannot make a mistake or just correct my mistakes.  I feel trapped.  I hate it.  I have been treated like a child by people who I have thoughts about them not liking me.  I just feel like moving out, but I have no money and not enough credit.  I would like to do things that I have given up on.  Going to law school is one of those things.  I want to stay on the path of going to law school.  My goal is to study and take the LSAT.  However, I cannot take it because I have no money.  My desire is to go and money is holding me back.  I need a stipend, a scholarship, and a grant.  I think that law school is expensive, but a loan won't cut it, unless it is from a private source.
I have no idea what I need to do.  All I want to do is to go to law school.  I am a desperate person and my hope is that I have prayed according to Your will.  Give me the wisdom that I need to go to law school.  I am worried that things will never improve and that I will remain depressed.  Lord Jesus, help me.  I need to get out of this situation because the depression might worsen.  I just leave it in Your hands.

Thank You,