Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I need help

Heavenly Father,

I have no motivation or desire to lose weight.  I feel like something is wrong with me.  I have been overwhelmed with this, that, and other.  Maybe that is the problem.  Take my burdens, Lord.  I ask that You would lighten my load for I am heavy laden.  I also ask that You would give me rest.  I feel like that I have made little to no progress period, not just my health.  My life is full of frustration. Am I what, or rather who, is holding me back?  I cannot pinpoint what is going on with me. I feel like I am missing the mark.  I at times feel alone and am in need of a support system.

 I am just overwhelmed, period.  I have anxiety and , weight and health issues, psychological and emotional issues, self-esteem issues, and I am self-conscious about my appearance.  I know that there are many others around the world who are more isolated than I am.  They are sick, dying, have no one to love them, have nothing to call their own, have no real direction in life, and other social ills.

They have bigger crosses to bear.  I feel so guilty and self-centered because I don't always think about those who have those crosses to bear.  The reason is I am so caught up and isolated and I would like some help too.  Not only do I ask for lightening of burdens and rest for our souls, but also wisdom and strength. Forgive us of our sins, Father.

I too am in need of You for I am weary and tire of the things of the world.  I would like to be motivated to lose weight, healed of my illnesses, and overcome my fears and anxieties.  Those are the things that I need and I ask that would provide those needs and also help me see things from Your perspective.  I am grateful for what I have.  Sometimes I don't always see things that way.  I would like Your forgiveness, cleansing, and answers.  I need help, too.  I am asking that You, Heavenly Father would help me as well.

In Jesus' name,

Thank You,