Sunday, October 12, 2014

I am so sorry


I am so sorry.  You have cleared up my mind.  I more than anything want to be a committed as well as a converted Christian.  May I not forget to ask You the questions that I need to ask.  I feel like I have fallen back.  It is quite easy for that to happen.  Help me and give me strength to stand in the midst of trials and tribulations.  Give me understanding on what it means to count it all joy during the times.  I have slipped up a lot and I have made poor choices, but I would like to say that I am sorry for those choices I have made.  I ask for Your forgiveness of all of my sins.  Cleanse me from not my sins but also my secret faults.  Your word said to go and sin no more.  May I produce good fruit and may I sin no more.  I do desire holiness and righteousness.  Help me and guide me so that I will live and breathe in holiness and righteousness.  In fact, I realize that though You forgive, You are also long suffering. Remind me further to keep that in mind.  I know and realize that works justify my faith and that one Day You will judge us all, including myself.  Further remind me of this for I want nothing than to look forward to Your return and endure to the end.  Whatever I did or did not fail to do, I did those things not for myself but also for You.  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to present my request but for loving me and believing in me.  Thank You for saving me.

In Jesus' name,