Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thoughts and healing

Dear God,

I still have these thoughts and the mechanism won't go away.  I have a chemical imbalance in my brain and I wish these thoughts would go away.  I wish I never had these thoughts.

I had thoughts about infidelity committed by wives.  Why I never had these thoughts committed by husbands, I will never know.  I believe that a woman like a man should be faithful and respectful to her husband.  I don't like it when women step out on their husbands, especially if they are good, faithful, caring men.  It is disgusting.  It shows a lack of love, loyalty, and lack of character.  I have such strong views on this and I guess that is why I have these thoughts about cheating.  I realize how hypocritical they are because deep down, I have once believed that men are the main cheaters against women and that is all I remember seeing on mass media and reading about.  So with the shortage of good men, why the women who cheat?  That doesn't make sense to me. 

I now believe that men and women who cheat are people who need Jesus.  What they are doing is wrong.  They know what they are doing is wrong.  I don't know how adulterers truly feel about their spouses, but they are disrespecting them, their selves, and their marriages.  It is a selfish, dishonest, and a cowardly act.  I know why You, Lord, are against infidelity.  I believe that it is why I have those thoughts about infidelity.

I think it is high time that they be exposed.  I also ask for healing from these thoughts.  I don't wish to feel that way anymore.  I want for adulterers to find Jesus Christ.  It is a sin, yes, but You died, Jesus, for adulterers and adulteresses.  I don't want to know if a person cheated or not.  I don't want to know if a cheater gets hurt because of their cheating.  I am tired of the obsessions and the compulsions.  I want the uncertainty.  No one should get harmed or killed because of infidelity.  It is not worth it.  Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for the sin of infidelity against You that I have committed with the world.  Heal me, Lord Jesus, of this sickness that I have.  I want to just move on and move forward.  I want to be healed and made whole.  I thank You for healing me.

In Jesus' name,