Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm sorry, Lord.

Lord Jesus,

I thank You for saving me.  You have given me the assurance that I am saved.  You have filled me with Your Holy Spirit, who shall teach me all things.  He has taught me quite a few things today.  I am doing so much better now because I have been forgiven.  I have thus repented of my sins.  I know that I am a person who will still sins, and that is so sad, but I have an Advocate who forgives sins. I also realize that I must not make it a habit to commit deliberate, habitual sin.  I believe sometimes, that is the issue with me.  I have done things that I know I have been forgiven for, but I still struggle with from time to time.  I realize that I cannot do it alone.  I ask that You, Lord Jesus, heal me and cleanse and forgive me of these sins for every time I have committed these sins.  I still have the images in my head and it can be hard to get rid of them.  Lord, I ask for a renewal of my mind, that I may be transformed by said renewal.  I am sorry for all of my sins.  I ask that You would remove my transgressions from me.  I know that You love me for You died on the cross for me and that the Father rose You from the dead.  I believe that with my whole heart and I love You and continue to, love You with my whole heart, mind, and strength.

In Your name,