Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I finally see things more clearly.


I wrote about prayer without ceasing yesterday.  My guess is that it means that I or anyone else should not give up on prayer, no matter how big the circumstances.  I realize that now.  I wish a lot of things, but I really should have realized this.  Today has been a day of peace and calm.  Help me to further take a deep look at myself.  I have my needs, wants, and desires.  I had no idea who I am.  I had so many setbacks over the years that I felt like at times giving up.  I am glad that I have remained hopeful, no matter what.  I am grateful that You have created me just the way that I am.  I was stressed out and frustrated.  I was burdened and heavy laden.  I thank You for giving me rest.  I thank You for the Trinity and Your word, for it keeps me grounded.


Letters to God