Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wanting God to know me


One day You will either say, "Enter into the Joy" or "I never knew You".  I want to obviously live my life so that I will end up with You saying, "Enter into the Joy.."  Sadly very few will make it.  Very people will end up entering into the joy of the Lord.  The truth is, my hope is to be one of those people.  I realize that I have not lived as if I have a future with You lately.  I ask for forgiveness of those sins.  I feel as though I have honored You with my lips, but nothing else.  Help me to check and see if I am truly of the faith.  I ask for guidance and forgiveness.  I have forgiven and let go.  You have forgiven me and loved me so.  I shall follow Your example and do the same thing.  My petition is that I am set free in the world and I will receive wisdom so that I can live for You and serve soon I thank You for hearing my petition and for Your forgiveness.

In Jesus' name,