Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I confess that I am dishonest.


I am a liar.  I am so sorry for lying.  I hope that I have never tried You or ever lied to You.  I wonder if I have reaped what I have sewn.  I realize that I am also a coward.  I am afraid that something bad will happen to me.  That is the problem.  I am always afraid.  How do I overcome fear and lying? I know that liars will one day have their part in the Lake of Fire.  I ask for forgiveness for lying.  I want to live holy as You are holy.  I feel bad about lying period.  I have told You that I have lied this morning.  I have told a lie about my health, but I am fine.  I come to You.  I come to the cross. Cleanse me from my sin.  Forgive me, O Lord, for all of my sins.  I confess my lying to You and I repent of all of my sins including.  Help me to overcome the sins that I have struggled with.  Help me, Lord.   I thank You for hearing me and for all else that You have done for me.  Thank You.

In Jesus' name,