Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thankfully Yours

Heavenly Father,

I thank You.  You have answered my prayers.  Today was a decent day because I realize that I can take action and that You do love me.  I can learn to respect and love myself.  It took long enough but it is not too late.  I was concerned about that.  I realize that all I had to do is to take action, even if it is the simplest action.  Thank You.  Thank You.  I give You the highest praise for You are worthy and deserving.  All I had to do was to tell You what was hard for me to tell You.  I like certain things about my life but not all of it.  The problem was me and only me.  I spend so much time on the computer that I have neglected other things and slowed down on accomplishing tasks.  My internet usage is not healthy and I don't know what to do about it since I have place my whole life on the computer.  I am not sure or not if I am addicted to the internet but I find it to be a safe place in the midst of troubling obsessive thoughts.  They were a shield.  They were a way to keep me busy when there was so much else to do around here and elsewhere.  I am no longer overwhelmed and I give You all praise.  I am so sorry for my lack of faith and I thank You for forgiving me of all of my sins.

In Jesus' name,