Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dear God,

Life is decent.  However, I wonder how decent life is.  My obsession is weakening which is good.  However,  I need Your help.  You see,  I need a social life.  I need help with overcoming my obsessions and staying strong while I am still in the world.  My obsessions signify a need for a social life and that is one thing I lack.  What else do I lack? I lack a sense of self-worth and an identity.  How do I go about overcoming this lack of self-worth and identity?  I have no clue who I really am.  Where in this world do I stand out?

I need help in wondering where I am headed and how I am living my life.  I have not exercised myself physically and spiritually as of late and I would like to begin.  I have to just go ahead and do so.  I have gotten lazy over the past 2 weeks and I was doing well.  I don't wish to go back as I have lost a few pounds.  However, I hope to lose a few more to get to a certain point.  I plan to lose a few pounds and fewer calories at a time.

I have focused so much on the things of the world I believe.  I rarely if ever focused on You.  I am sorry for my lack of focus.  I need to fellowship more often and to worship and share Your love and Your life with others.  I have not been as diligent as I should as well.  Where do I begin?

How do I surrender all of this over to You?  How I have been living and what I have been doing have not been pleasing or respectful to You.  Father, forgive me.


Letters to God