Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weighty issues that I am tempted to get overwhelmed by

Lord Jesus,

I thank You for answering my prayers.  I don't know what to do in order to lose weight.  I do eat unhealthy and I don't exercise.  I take full responsibility for all of my actions.  I want to truly change those poor eating habits and my lack of exercise.  I don't wish to stay inspired to dance or use equipment.  I want to do so.  I realize that I have tried this before but I have grown tired of the struggle.  I have also been overwhelmed.  I don't want to be right and do right all the time.  I realize, however, that it is about doing the right thing.  That is life.  I just wish I could do such.  I want to start and start now.  I can now afford it now, but should I even buy anything?  Where should I begin?  I know where to end, but I don't know where to begin?  I need help when it comes to beginning to eat better and to practice other good habits.  All I want is to do better when it comes to my health.


Letters to God