Friday, January 13, 2017

Hoping to be thankful


You have granted me patience so many times.  Well, for all of those times I thank You.  You didn't have to grant me patience on those very areas.  I however, ask for forgiveness for being one who complains so much.  I am sorry for not always being thankful.  I know that I have much to be thankful for on this planet. As I write to You, there are those who have died today and tonight.  My hope is that they would be reminded of and taken care of.  I am sorry that I don't take enough time to consider that there are those who are in need.  I am also sorry that I don't take enough time to realize that there are people who have died without being one of Yours.  That is a sad fate and a sad way to go.  I pray that one day, it will not be me or my loved ones.  Sometimes I even wonder about myself and others.  I wonder about about our own eternal states.  As I look back, I have been a person who has sinned and has become a sinner saved by grace. My prayer is that I took the time to see this and have also taken the time to love You and have served and lived for You.  I admit that there have been times when I have failed to do so, and I ask for forgiveness.  The one thing I would like to be more than just a good daughter, sister, relative, or friend, I desire is to live for You as a saint of Yours and serve You all the days of my life.  My desire is to live as one of Yours, to be enduring and obedient to You and to You alone.  I furthermore give You thanks, praise, and much gratitude.

In Jesus' Name,