Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prayer of persecution

Heavenly Father,

Give those who persecute others forgiveness and mercy.  Your word says that the world is not worthy of those who are being persecuted.  I often say that life is too short.  Yes, life is only a vapor. We can learn from those who have been and are still being persecuted.  Many have been raped, beaten, and betrayed.  Others have been burned, tortured, and even murdered.  Continue too be with them.  May they never give up through being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let us who have not been suffered the persecution other believers and those of other religions face.  I am reminded of what is going on in the Middle East and Africa.  I am also reminded of those in India who face persecution. May I as an American walk understand and walk a mile in their shoes.  They have suffered.  Give them wisdom and guidance and the words they need to say.  May they preach the gospel and not be ashamed.  Let us in America be as unashamed as those in the rest of the word.  Forgive us and remind us of what is happening here.  We here are isolated.  Why, Lord, why?  Also, forgive those who persecute believers.  The jailer in the book of Acts was a classic example.  They too are in need in Jesus.  Let them through the Holy Spirit see the error of their ways, for what they do is evil. Father, may those who have been persecuted for give for their persecutors and I ask that they stand strong.  I ask for all of these things

In the name of Jesus,