Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Ability to Change

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to change.  Give me the wisdom, strength, and motivation to change.  I don't like things the way they are.  I have grown lazy and complacent and I have grown tired.  Sadly, that is the problem.  I have grown tired, but I have failed to grow in other areas.

I have gained weight.  I have been afraid for so long I feel like I didn't know of anything else.  I have gone nowhere and experienced life in years.  I don't do much and I would like to do more.  I wish, hope,and keep on wishing.

I pour out my complaint before You.  I feel like I will never grow.  I feel like never change.  I am just so unmotivated yet hopeful.  I am so good at procrastinating.  I don't know how I change.  I want to just eat the right kind of foods and exercise.  I want to be thinner and not be so self-conscious.  What is wrong with me?

Help me, Lord.  Help me to change.  I ask for a renewal of my mind.  I ask for a change of heart.  Help me to be the person that I mean, You want me to be.  I felt like giving up sometimes.  However, knowing that giving up will hurt me.

I want to know more about You.  I don't want to be so anxiety-ridden anymore.  I finally see myself differently from the persona that has bothered me for years now.  I want to make it without her.  I have gotten better but I realize that there is some ways to go.  Lord, I ask for Your healing touch.  I ask that You would make me whole.

Thank You.

In Jesus' name,