Saturday, December 14, 2013

Help me to pray...

Dear Heavenly Father,

Grant me the serenity to accept change when it is needed.  Grant me patience also.  I am 10 days away from Christmas Eve and 11 days from Christmas.  I am looking forward to those days.  This is my favorite time of the year.  I am taking a holiday from my obsessions so to speak.  Thank You for setting me free from being obsessed with MR and his ex-wife CO.  There is just so much that I wish to thank You for.  You have supplied my needs when I didn't realize it.  I wonder what happens today.  I admit that I do not glorify You in all of my ways, and I ask for Your forgiveness.  Help me to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit.  Also, help me to be mindful of all who are less fortunate.  Help me to acknowledge You in all of my ways.  Lord, I ask that You would direct my paths as You have promised.

Life is something that I often reflect on and I am happy with most decisions that I have made.  I have had obsessive thoughts for years and years and years it seems.  I realize that I am needy and lazy.  I am sorry for having grown lazy over the last few days.  I admit that I get too caught up in the things of the world and have done not enough to set myself apart from all things worldly.  What sins have I not repented of?  Cleanse me from all of my faults.  More than anything, I want to live a righteous and holy life.  I am trying, but not the best that I can.  I am sorry for that.

Thank You that no matter what, You are a loving and forgiving God.  But I also know that You don't want for us to play around with sin and be a friend of the world.  There are things about me that are still worldly like how I see Christmas.  You see, I love Christmas and I also love giving.  I want to be patient and at the same time expectant.  That is I guess how it is with prayer.  I am expectant of an answer to my petition yet I realize that I have to be patient.  I do believe that You are an on-time God, but because of my impatience and my lack of knowledge, I often fail to realize that You are above me and I am made a little lower than the angels.

I admit that patience is not a virtue of mine.  I also admit that I want to be financially free.  I need enough money to pay bills and restore my credit, help my Mom out, and to buy more for Christmas.  That is quite a bit of money for me, but that is enough for You.  Help me to keep that in mind.  Forgive me for my doubt and lack of patience.  Help me to overcome the fears that You don't answer prayers about even the "pettiest" of matters.  I have to learn and realize that nothing is petty to You.  All I have to do is to tell You how I really feel.

I thank You that You want the best for me.


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