Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear God

Dear God,
I have often wondered things about You.  Did You create Yourself?  Who created You?  I know You were created through the Son who is my Savior.

Help me to examine myself to see if I am of the faith.  I have had doubts about being saved.  I have often gotten caught up in the things of the world. I have had obsessions about MR, CO, SS1, and SS2.  They are not productive and they are a waste of time.  I have just wasted minutes on MR.  I believe he needs help and guidance.  All of us do.  We need You.

I pray that He would pray for forgiveness.  He seems like a guy who needs help.  His case seems rather extreme.  But I don't wish to further my obsession to further write about him.  I just pray that he gets the help and intercession he needs.

I realize that my issues with lust are compulsive.  It is hard to overcome because I give in to temptation.  Provide a way for me to escape.  I have been caught up in my obsessions.  I feel like a crazy person.  Examine me or help me to examine why I have been obsessed and why I commit the sins that I have committed.  I hope that all will be well with me.  I ask that You would renew my mind.

Change me from the inside.  I want to live and be holy and righteous.  Give me the assurance of my salvation.  You are my strength and salvation.  No amount of height, width, or depth can stop us from loving each other.  Thank You for loving me first.  I need to know that You would always be there for me no matter what.  Help me to take joy in this trying time.

Be there for me, Lord.  Help me, Lord.  Help me.


Letters to God