Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thank You,


I thank You that I have become faithful and I have not become one who has become judgmental and hypocritical.  You have convicted me.  I realize that even if one cheats with just one man, no matter the circumstances, You love and forgive.  They are to repent of their sins, just as I am to repent of my own.  I have engaged in avoidance, which has made my world smaller.  I have not put You first in my life.  I have not made You my first Priority.  I found myself being entertained and being anything but free.  I felt like I was not free from medical and other problems.  Lord, I thank You for healing me, lifting my burdens, and for loving me.  You have made me free and I now cast my cares upon You. I finally know what it means to have an actual relationship with You.  Thank You.

In Jesus' name,