Friday, September 23, 2016

Gives me strength


I thank You that I can do all thanks through You who strengthen me.  I pray for that very strength tonight.  I also ask for clarity when it comes to personal matters.  I have difficulty acting on those personal matters, including just going out and doing something.  I want to explore, walk, run, drive, or however I wish to be free.  I want to live, move, and just be free.  If I had one wish, it would be to do just that.  I have stumbling blocks that are in my way and I cannot see past them.  I need Your help.  I am frustrated, Lord.  I have begun to grow weary.  I realize that there are people who are praying for more important things.  I agree with those things in Your name and pray that whatever he, she, or they are praying for will have their needs met.  Some are in need of healing, others are unrepentant sinners who ask for salvation, and some need just to make ends meet.  I ask that You would remind me of what is going on in the world.  Physically, I feel a weight of guilt because I know that others have worse things going on in the world than I do.  I feel guilty because I think I am too phony.  I feel guilty because I am not strong enough, or wise enough.  I have so much guilt over so much.  I feel powerless myself, but I can only imagine that others feel much worse.  I am thankful for all that I take for granted.  Forgive me of my sins.  I realize that everyday of my life, I have the power.  I can do all things through You who strengthen me.  Thank You.

In Your name,