Friday, September 16, 2016

Deep in my heart, I am thankful

Heavenly Father,

I believe that Jesus is Your Son and that You, Jesus, died on the cross for me.  I didn't really understand a lot of things yet, but forgiveness is something that I had forgotten then remembered, then forgotten why Jesus said to forgive those who have persecuted Him.  I recall that on the Gospel on the Mount in Matthew 5, and also in Luke 6, one of those things that You mentioned was to pray for those who persecute us.  As a Christian I find it interesting and sad that I have forgotten that in relation to Your crucifixion.  When You said to forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing, You are practicing what You preach, Lord.  I am saddened that You, Jesus, was so badly mistreated through a humiliating, horrific death.  I do thank You, for taking my place.  I am so saddened that I fail to see what the crucifixion and Your death on the cross truly meant.  I apologize for seemingly not understanding what was truly going on deep in my heart during the most loving act You did for undeserving men, and women.  I thank You for I am an undeserving woman.  I am a liar. To tell You the truth, I never thought that I would lie at all.  I was an honest person at one time as far as know.  I repent of lying, for I know it is a grievous sin just like all of the others.  I am sorry, and I want to change.  My desire is to be a more trustworthy, honest person.  I have allowed my fear, worry, and anxiety override my telling the truth and I ask that You would help me to change.  I am and feel guilty for all of the lies I have ever told and promises that I failed to keep.  Help me, Lord.  Thank You for dying on the cross for me and taking my place.  You gave me a second chance at life and I am forever in Your debt for You have paid mine and all others.  Thank You, Lord, In Your name, Jesus,