Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Progression of me


Forgive me for being so cold.  Because of this coldness I ask that You would forgive me of this said coldness.  I also ask that You would help me overcome why I felt cold.  I am ashamed of what I have done.  I do not and will not take pride in what I have done.  I feel like I am stagnant.  I have not made progress, not at least the progress that I wish to make.  I realize that I could do more, but what more can I do?  I ask that You would do a mighty work in my life and remove all of these stumbling blocks. Help me to make the progress that I should make.  Maybe I have allowed the lack of progress to become a permanent issue.  Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Give me wisdom and understanding when it comes to how I should conduct myself and how to be thankful.  I also ask that You would show me how to make said progress.  Lord, where do I begin?


Letters to God