Sunday, June 12, 2016

How I should feel about others, including myself


I thank You.  Help me to be ready for Your return.  I truly don't know what it will be, but I hope that I will live a holy enough life to serve You and to live holy for You and for You alone whenever You return.  I know for a fact, You will return.  My prayers go to the families of all of the loved ones who lost their lives this weekend.  I love all of creation even through my struggle.  Help me to see what all of us are all about.  I have struggled about this because I just don't like some people.  There is no one who I hate thankfully, but there are just some people who irk me.  Lord, is not liking some people wrong?  Is others not liking me wrong?  I don't like this aspect of me.  Out of curiosity, I know that You loved the Pharisees and Scribes, but did you like them or dislike them as people?  Or did You dislike their deeds but loved them anyway?  I have no one that I truly dislike but there are people who I don't believe are good people. What should I do to change my attitude about others?  How can I not care what other people think?  Why does or should it matter to me?  I don't want to feel negatively about myself, but the truth is, I do?  Do negative feelings I have against some people reflect or are they reflections of who I am?  I don't like being or feeling this way.  I want and need to change towards other people and changes toward myself.  Lord, what should I do?  Where should I begin?

In Your name,