Thursday, June 16, 2016

Being a new mom

Dear God,

I would like to be a parent.  I even thought about adopting a child.  I am not sure I have the patience to take care of a child.  I can only imagine being nervous.  I would be afraid to drop him or her if they were babies.  I wonder how would I have disciplined my kid or kids. Right now, I can only imagine being a parent.  I would be a single mom who would have to give all of my time, all of my love, and basically all of my funds.  I ask that You would give me the wisdom to take care of a child and to not put myself first.  Help me to be patient and loving.  I wish that parenting came with an instruction work, but it does not.  I wonder if a child or children would be in the cards for me.  Is it Lord?  Is it? I ask that You will answer me in this situation and I thank You for doing so.


Letters to God