Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prayer for wisdom and for the tragedy that occurred in Charleston.


Help me to continue to be wise.  Guide me with that wisdom.  Also I ask that You would help me to learn and gain that knowledge that I so need.  That is how I feel about my health.  I have become self-conscious about my health for a while now.  I know that it is time I do something about it.  The last thing I want to do is become overwhelmed and quit.  Right now, I am overwhelmed, but I have come too far to want to quit. I quit Weight Watchers for that reason.  Maybe I did the right thing by quitting.  However, I quit too much. All I had to do was make small changes and learn from them.  It is no use to go back.  It is also no  use to cry about anything.  Just keep moving forward.  Lord, help me to move forward, and I thank You for doing so.

I also pray for the 9 people who were killed early this morning in Charleston.  Whatever the reason, hate or not, they were innocent.  They did not deserve to die.  I pray for a fair and speedy trial. I also pray for the killer to realize the errors of his way.  He was an obviously unsaved person who had the gall to commit a heinous crime in a church of all places.  Why?  Why a house of Yours?  I pray for the families of those who lost their lives and I pray that all of us would come together in the midst of this tragedy.  Give us all the wisdom to go only by the facts and not on emotion.  I am concerned that something bad would happen like the guy getting away with murder or having a light sentence.  As unChristian as this may sounds, my prayer to You is that it does not happen.  In this sense, I ask that You would calm my fears as my cast my cares unto You.  It was a horrible crime that I believe could have been prevented.

Lord, help us all.  I know that even that sentence has become too cliched.  However, I don't use this as a cliche.  It is a truth that I ask that You would answer.  It is a tragedy that I wish did not occur.  Now wishing is all I could do outside of prayer.  All I know is that the Devil is busy.  This is a sad state of affairs in my humble opinion, whether or not it is personal or elsewhere.  I pray that we all be as prayerful in this tragic time and in all tragic times.  Teach us to love, honor, and respect, our fellow man and woman.

Thank You for answering this prayer, in Your name, Jesus.  Amen.