Sunday, March 16, 2014

Importance of living one's life for God

Dear God,

I apologize for not always communicating with You.  I have to really consider the condition of my soul and spirit.  I have not been living productively and I know why.  I feel like I am lost and without a sense of direction.  I need guidance on how to be a more productive citizen of Heaven.  I do want to live like and be a true Christian believer who has no doubt in her salvation but living and walking in faith.  I am supposedly fighting the good fight, but I feel like I am losing a fighting battle.  I am in need of strength and understanding. My mind has been clear because I have focused on You.  Thank You.  I am just tired of not knowing what I need to do and how to live my life.  How do I overcome my fears and doubts?  How do I apply Your word to my daily life?  Show me, Lord.  I need help.


Letters to God