Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fears need to go

Dear God,

Thank You.  I have been worrying about my diet and my exercise regimen that I forgot to take the time to be thankful or do other things that are spiritual exercises.  I feel like giving up sometimes but somehow my mind is clearer.  I have been told that I can do it.  For the first time, I realize that maybe I actually can do it.  I believe that my prayers have been answered.  Bless those who have been praying for me.  May I not forget them.  I want to be an obedient believer who does not have an issue with gluttony and a lack of self-control. I gave in to temptation and I failed myself ultimately.  I felt like a failure and that is what I am afraid of.  I am afraid of the future because of the failures of the past.  I need Your help in overcoming those failures, guilt, and fear.  I still have doubts that I will lose the weight, but keeping it off would be awesome.  Help me to focus on You and to obey You in all things.


Letters to God