Sunday, March 23, 2014

Doing more for myself

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me.  I would like to do more.  I sound like a broken record because I am not sure that I can lose the weight the right way.  I have tried doing it the right way.  How can I make losing weight the right way without resorting to binge eating because I gave up on myself?  I just need help making the right choices.  I have never been one to jump into anything feet first.  I need guidance along the way.  So, I ask You for a little guidance.  I am not as bold and brave as I think.  I cannot see the forest from the trees.  I wish I could.  I want to, but I am just afraid to fail because I have done it so much before.  I would like to learn from my failures so that I can actually accomplish my goal of living a healthy lifestyle, or rather, just living.  Give me, Lord, a sense of direction in my life.  

I ask this, in Jesus' name,