Saturday, March 29, 2014

A sense of direction

Dear God,

Thank You for giving me a sense of direction in my life.  I wanted to be a mother but there are some roadblocks that I have to deal with along the way.  I have no experience in raising a child nor do I have the means to raise a child.

I ask for wisdom and guidance.  What is Your will for my life?  If it is not to become a mother or even a wife, then what is my will?  I have read about it and wondered about it for a while now.  I read about it somewhere.  Where in the Bible can I find out about Your plan, or plans, for my life?

I have been writing so much about my weight that I fail to see what You have in store for me.  I am concerned about my weight, but there are other things that I wished I had more to be concerned about.  I also wished that I had mapped out my life.  It may have not been the way it would have been, but I wonder if mapping out my life would have given me a greater purpose.

I remember when I did map out my life.  I wanted to go to school, graduate, then find a job.  But in order to find a job, I would have to have a car so that I get to work.  I feel like there are so many roadblocks to get in the way of what I wish to accomplish.   Help me in this area, Lord.  I ask for a removal of all of those roadblocks.  I am asking for this so that there would be no roadblock to what You have in store for me.


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