Monday, May 13, 2013

Crush/Obsession letter

Dear God,
I am up right now because I went to bed early.  I still like my crush so I guess I will have to be patient and weigh it out.  But is that your will concerning my obsession?  I admit that it is an obsession and I don't want to obsess over anyone else....again.  It can be difficult because my life is like a series of vicious cycles.  Have I leaned on my own understanding when it comes to this situation?  Lord, I just have so many questions that I want to ask concerning this particular topic.  The actor is too old for me if I were to be asked out by him but there is a sexiness and a magnetism to this guy.  He was beautiful when he was young.  I loved his voice, his smile, his looks, and most of all, his talent.  He was and still is a talented actor.  I have been a fan for only a short while but my obsession has bothered me ever since the near beginning, Lord.  I need help in overcoming this obsession and not just put it to bed, but put it out of my mind.  I am writing this letter to you because I want to know you better and to spend time with you.  I have learned that I have no reason to trust myself but I need and desire and know to put my trust in You for all things.  I wonder if this situation is drawing me closer to You and if so, how?  I know it seems strange to say that, but it has drawn me closer to You and for that, I am most thankful.

Letters to God