Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dear Heavenly Father,

I am very happy to be writing you this letter.  As You know, I was a regular shy kid who was bullied when she was younger.  You are the God of the oppressed and the downtrodden.  While I don't consider myself oppressed and downtrodden, it does feel that way when you are bullied.  I will say a prayer today for all of those who are being bullied and have been bullied.  As You also know, I live in a world and in a nation where character seems to matter less and less judging by the actions of many.  It also seems to pass down to our kids.  I really don't know if it has gotten worse over the years or if technology has given bullies greater avenues to pick on those who couldn't fight back.  When I was a kid, I don't remember commercials and public ads about kids being bullied.  I guess a lot of people figured out that bullying is a part of life, though not a good one.  Then there are the school shootings, which highlighted many issues including bullying.  It is a shame that a child cannot find positive outlets or adults that could help a child take care of the situation.  I live in a culture that doesn't appreciate You, and that is sad.  We as humans cannot do things alone without you, so I ask that You intervene mightily in our nation, especially on the behalf of our children.  They need You.  We all need You.

Letters to God