Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Communication with God

Dear God,
It is a very hard thing to communicate with You.  I want more than anything to communicate with You, even in times when there seems to be no need.  It is so sad that whenever we as humans are in need, we draw near to You.  Yet it is even sadder when we don't seem to need You only because things are so good.  I know that is not what a relationship is about.  I guess it is about give and take, but I know this much: those in a relationship have to give it their all.  It requires love, trust, mutual respect, spending quality time, and sacrifice.  Sadly, I am not good at relationships and I would like to be.  I need wisdom and guidance in this area.  I am a loner basically and I am quite shy, at least around people.  But with You I can at least be myself.  Well, apparently, because You already know who I am and I can trust You.  You are loyal and you won't laugh at me or my imperfections.  Your word says that You know the number of hairs on my head.  I am amazed and awed at that.  I am filled with awe just thinking about that.  You are awesome.

Letters to God