Tuesday, July 5, 2016

God's grace, healing, and timing

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am sorry that I have not taken much time to actually spend it with You.  I realize that prayer, reading, and studying Your Word is essential to growing my faith.  I ask that You would instill those values that will make me obedient to You.  I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself, which is why some of my blog posts tend to be out there to putting it mildly.  For instance, that last sentence is a classic example.  I sometimes wish I could communicate better than I do.  I talk fast, change subjects often, and get tongue tied.  I get too many words crossed to the point when I get my letters wrong or say the wrong words at the time.  I wish sometimes I could change that.  I don't know why, but like with my obsessive thoughts, I guess I will never truly know.  However, as I am writing this, maybe I do have the answer.  I prayed that I could be healed and freed from illness, but it hasn't happened yet.  Why?  I admit that at one time it would have been considered blasphemous to ask You why, but I just don't know.  Is it to draw me closer to You, for I don't know why else why I am not healed of my illnesses?  I find myself inspired by the woman with the issue of blood, whose faith made her whole.  She had to suffer through a lot.  I can only imagine what she went through with little to no success.  However, I now realize that she did things her way instead of Yours.  Was that the message You were trying to send me all along?  I wish it took a while to get to that point sooner, but as I am writing this, it becomes clearer now.  I finally see that what I thought was my issues is truly about Your timing and Your grace.  Thank You for revealing those things to me and thank You for Your forgiveness and for Your healing.


Letters to God