Thursday, April 27, 2017

Realizing who God truly is


Thank You for answering my prayers.  It is You who answers prayers.  It is You who saves, heals, and delivers.  I am calm and it is You who have made me calm.  That time, I was anxious, I prayed and You answered.  I am thankful that no matter is wrong or seems to go wrong, You are there.  I realize that I like all of us have no right to rush You or tell You how to answer our prayers.  You are the Creator and not I.  I live on Your timetable and Yours alone.  I will have to answer to You.  Help me to realize that everyday is a day to consider the truth that I no matter what I'm doing where I am, I am living for You, the One who I will have to answer to for daily I live and "for daily" will I be judged.


Letters to God