Thursday, March 9, 2017



I wasn't sure what to write to You.  I feel fine.  I have the courage to finally be honest and to express how I feel.  I am a sinner who became a saint.  I still have sin in me, I cannot deny.  I cannot use that as an excuse.  Everyday there is a war going on.  Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. Lord, give me strength in this war.  I want to live right and serve You.  Father, give me the strength that I need to fight my battles.  After all, Your word does say that greater are You than he that is in the world.  I wonder if that applies to spiritual warfare.  Sometimes I just don't know what I am doing. I wish I did.  I do know is that I can come to You for help.  Give me the guidance that I need.  Forgive me for all of my sins.  I thank You in advance in Your name,