Sunday, March 26, 2017

Living on Your Timetable


I enjoy the talks that we have.  I realize that we all on Your own time table.  With You, 1000 years is as a day and a day is as 1000 years.  As I type this, I am beginning to understand what all of this means.  I believe it is about creation and law.  It is about time and how You see time and having to wait for You.  You will return to us.  You do love us believers and sinners.  You did die for sinners so that may be saved living for You and serving You in our lives.  You also did die for believers as well as we will spend eternity as well provided we are true. There are things that we don't understand everything.  I know that no matter if I stand for You, I will never know all of the answers.  I will not scoff.  I will not laugh.  I will not criticize.  I will wait for You.  I will live for You and serve You. I will, for most of all, will love You and continue to do so. All I know is that You know best even if we don't understand.  Thank You for You do know what You are doing.  You are Most High and Most Holy, for I will praise You, for You are worthy of worship and praise.  I thank You that I am one of Yours.  Thank You for saving me.

In Jesus' name,