Thursday, March 31, 2016

My discovery and help needed


I have recently discovered that I am just obsessed and feel like I can do nothing about it.  I tire of things taking forever to figure out.  I also tire of not knowing what to do.  I need help.  I ask that You would help me not just deal with, but overcome my obsession with food, infidelity, and other things. I would like to be healed.  I have asked Jesus to heal me but I still have the same issues.  I have been paying attention to the fact that I tire of being so "perfect" and having all-or-nothing thinking.  I don't wish to be morally gray.  I just don't wish to feel bad about making a mistake.

I don't want to start over.  My health is something that really is important.  I know that I have done things that are the opposite of that, but You and taking care of myself are my first priorities.  I love everyone, especially my family and cat, too.  I have know idea what I am doing when it comes to my weight.  It is as if I am too tired or too lazy to do the right thing.  It is true that I feel this way, but deep down I am afraid of failure.  It has been like this for a while now and I want to change.  I ask not just for forgiveness of sins, but also for guidance.

Where should I do?  I have been alone and I don't want to be alone or rather, go at it alone.  It is like a puzzle I have trying to piece together even though I know of have an idea mentally. Why am I truly like this?  I fear that I will never change my way of thinking or doing things.  I tire of struggle.  I just don't trust myself anymore.  It is not I, but Jesus Christ, and I ask Him for healing and for continued forgiveness and guidance.  Help me be wise.  Show me how to use wisdom in this situation.  I thank You in advance for Your answer.

In Jesus' Name